15 May

On Tuesday May 14th, the Village Board voted unanimously to approve the project plan for Osceola Skatepark to become a reality. Finally, after 15 years of dreaming, the long awaited project will come to life this summer.

With $170K raised, the cost of the skatepark construction is covered, and now the Osceola Skatepark Committee is in the home stretch of fundraising to aid with extras like landscaping and signage. To say it’s an exciting milestone is an understatement for the countless people that have contributed to this dream coming true.

Over the last 3 years, a massive effort to revitalize this project has proven successful as skateboarding participation has grown to its highest numbers in decades. Osceola Skatepark will be gifted to the Village of Osceola by Osceola Main Street Program (a 501(c)3 non-profit) and be placed on public land within Oakey Park, providing a free and safe space for all ages and skill levels to recreate. Now more than ever, the youth of our communities need positive outlets for mental health and physical health, and Osceola Skatepark aims to be that resource.

The skatepark design concept for Osceola Skatepark provided by Primary Concrete encompasses 5,300sqft of a public concrete skatepark at the cost of $170K. This design is friendly for all skill levels of non-motorized action sports participants (skateboards, BMX bikes, scooters, rollerblades/rollerskates).Once completed, the skatepark would be open within Oakey Park from dawn to dusk.

A common question that comes up with new skatepark construction is liability. Section 895.52, commonly referred to as Wisconsin’s “recreational immunity” statute, provides property owners, including municipal governments, with immunity against liability for any injury to a person engaged in a recreational activity on the owner’s property. These include municipal parks, playgrounds, pools, beaches, golf courses, tennis courts, skating rinks, hills used for sledding, skateboard parks, and paths and trails used for various activities like biking, running, walking, rollerblading, skiing, and snowmobiling.

Osceola Skatepark would be open to the public daily (weather permitting) and include a sign detailing best practices. Helmets are always recommended during activities like skateboarding, biking, and scootering, and you might be surprised to know that the rate of injury is actually higher in football and basketball than action sports!

The concept drawing for Osceola Skatepark also details infrastructure nearby within Oakey Park and neighboring property of 405 4th Ave. This includes a 62 space parking lot that will replace the yellow house at 405 4th Ave, and green space restoration of the existing parking area of Oakey Park. These projects are still in the planning phase, but will be a wonderful benefit once completed as additional parking will be helpful for park users and Public Works for winter snow storage.

Primary Concrete, owned and operated by Richie Conklin, is scheduled to break ground this July. The construction will take roughly 5-6 weeks to complete and be open to the public in late August or early September, in time for the 100th Year Celebration of the Osceola Fair taking place in Oakey Park.

Please donate today and help make the project the best it can be:

• Online via credit card at OsceolaSkatepark.org

• Check to Osceola Skatepark. Mail to 805 N Cascade St, Osceola, WI 54020

• Cash in one of our in person drop boxes in Osceola

• Register for the  2nd Annual Rad Dad Golf Scramble on June 14th at Krooked Kreek

• In-Kind Donations like building materials, short term local housing for the construction team, equipment rental, etc

**Donations are tax deductible through our 501(c)3 parent org Osceola Wisconsin Main Street

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