14 Sep

Over the last year, the Dresser Lions Club made it their mission to raise $10,000 for the Osceola Skatepark project, and it’s safe to say they succeeded with a bang! Ginger Dosch, Dresser Lions member, wanted to make a big impact with the local skatepark initiative as she knows how important it is to the youth of Polk County and beyond. Last fall, Dosch reached out to Marsha Hovey, Osceola Skatepark President, wanting to help in any way possible, and Hovey was overjoyed with the request

Since last fall, the Dresser Lions have worked tirelessly to support the skatepark project, hosting multiple meat raffles and special events, raffling off big ticket items, and teaming up with local businesses and organizations like Ward’s Bar, Osceola Lanes, and the Osceola Braves to raise funds and awareness whenever possible. The biggest funding initiative came from a Zero Turn Mower Raffle at Boyd’s Outdoor Power where $5,000 was raised towards the park. The Dresser Lions surpassed their $10,000 goal and are still adding to their $12,000 total. Today, the Osceola Skatepark is approaching the $60k marker of fundraising towards their $200k goal to complete their project within the new Osceola Village approved location in Oakey Park.

Mental Health awareness is another key focus of the Dresser Lions Club this year, and the Osceola Skatepark project is the perfect pairing for such an important message. Now more than ever, the youth of our communities need safe spaces to recreate, socialize, and create positive experiences. Osceola Skatepark aims to provide a free public space to do just that. With the funding and support of Dresser Lions, the reality of the park becoming a staple of our community gets closer every day.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dresser Lions, visit their Facebook page or contact Ginger Dosch at 715-417-1792. Donations to Osceola Skatepark can be made online at OsceolaSkatepark.org and are tax deductible through their 501(c)3 parent organization Osceola Main Street Program.

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